U-C Davis Treatment of Research Animals Under Criticism

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 3, 2004
Cincinnati-based Stop Animal Exploitation Now has filed a complaint with the U-S Department of Agriculture. Executive Director Michael Budkie says primates have died from a wide range of painful diseases. We had looked at the post-mortem work of some of these primates and it clearly indicated that the animals were experiencing substantial pain and distress so that part of what’s going on is that at the very least U-C Davis is lying to federal agencies about the kind of experimentation they’re performing. But university spokesman Andy Fell says the group has got their figures wrong. From what we’ve heard, we think that they’ve misinterpreted figures that were in a USDA report, the animals here, if there’s an animal that’s hurt or that needs treatment, the animals are treated, the pain is treated or relieved. The animals are not left to suffer unnecessarily. The standard of care is very high. Fell says the university’s protocols are inspected by the U-S-D-A and other local and state agencies and he says they’re confident that regulators will find the animals are humanely looked after. Steve Milne - KXJZ news.