Governor Moving on After Budget Battle

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 30, 2004
Calling lawmakers “children” and “girlie men” could rank among the low points of the Governor’s first budget negotiation… But Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian (Fah-BEE-ahn) Nunez (NOON-yez) says the name-calling is just politics. Cut: FNunez2 (:08) “Did he say some things that made our caucus react? Or say some things that made me react? In some ways perhaps we shouldn’t have? That happens all the time.” Political analyst Tony Quinn says fence-mending over the budget should be done with Republicans. While some G-O-P members praised the compromises, others complained about too many concessions. Cut: Quinn1 (:08) “There’s a sense at least, around Sacramento, certainly reflected within his own party, that the Governor got rolled by the Democrats in this budget process.” Quinn says the next test for Governor Schwarzenegger’s resolve is the upcoming California Performance Review—and whether he’ll stand firm on the re-structuring that’s expected in the document. SOC