Victor Forman

Jazz & Classical Host


Victor Forman has years of experience as a radio host, actor and photographer. He's done voiceovers for radio and TV, co-hosted a nationally syndicated weekly radio program out of San Francisco, and has written, directed and acted in more than 40 radio plays. An avid proponent of arts education, Victor credits his interest in broad genres of music to early exposure to the arts.
Some of Victor's first exposure to music came from his Russian grandmother and Czech grandfather who were always playing records of classical music "from the old country," and from his parents who played LPs of the great jazz singers. At 10 years old Victor began piano lessons and in his late teens took up the bass guitar. Some of Victor's first interest in jazz came through his jazz bassist cousin. He has attended countless opera, classical, rock and jazz concerts literally from coast to coast and today collects and listens to everything from vintage recordings to new styles in both classical and jazz.