Mark Jones

Production Manager, CPR / Technical Director, Insight

Mark Jones had his first cablecast "radio" show in high school. As a college student, he managed station KCHO in Chico before joining the fledgling KXPR (as a technician and producer) in 1979. As a reporter for Capital Public Radio and NPR, Mark has interviewed best selling authors, scientists, and circus roustabouts.

Mark has worked in almost every department at CPR, and currently engineers most of the stations' special, live productions, as well as working on Insight. He also edits many of the commentaries you hear on KXJZ's Morning Edition, and Stephen Peithman's Connections program. Mark's interest and experience in theater contributed to his work on CPR's long-running Musical Stages program (produced and hosted by Stephen Peithman).

Mark's wife and dogs think he's absolutely adorable, even his habitual dining on decaffeinated Diet Dr. Pepper and reduced-fat salami. He once owned a dog who could do back-flips, and his current hound dog has been diagnosed with the problem of "extreme cuteness,"which is unfortunate, given that she would rather not be petted by those to whom she has not been properly introduced.

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