Joe Rubin

Environment Reporter

Joe Rubin, Environment Reporter: Joe Rubin brings his passion for innovative storytelling to every project he works on. iWitness, the interview series he created for PBS's Frontline/World won the 2009 Webby for the best online news and video series on the internet. As a video journalist he helped usher in an era of backpack NPR style television reporting from five continents for programs such as ABC's Nightline and PBS´s Frontline World. Rubin's documentaries have ranged from a look at present day Cuba through the prism of vintage car mechanics (Nightline), to an investigation for Frontline World looking into the maddening hunt for the notorious Serbian war criminals, Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic.

Several of Rubin's reporting projects have tackled environmental issues including "Coffee Country" a documentary he produced for Frontline/World about the premise behind fair trade coffee, "Think Like a Terrorist" a documentary for the PBS investigative series Expose about the dangers posed by highly toxic chemical rail shipments which rumble through American cities, as well as a recent report he produced for Al Jazeera English about a showdown in California over its global warming reduction law. Rubin's documentary work has been nominated for an Emmy and garnered a Cine Golden Eagle.

In 2004 Joe was a Knight Fellow teaching video journalism in El Salvador, Panama and Ecuador. Rubin was also a Pew Fellow in International Journalism in 2001. A versatile reporter, Joe has written for the New York Times, Mother Jones and National Public Radio.

Rubin, who lives in Sacramento with his wife and two children, can frequently be found on M street biking to Capital Public Radio (keeping his carbon foot print in check.) Joe loves the outdoors, old movie theaters and baseball games.

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