Bob Moffitt


Bob is an award-winning journalist who has been watching California politics seemingly since birth, as his father, Bill, was a county supervisor in Mariposa.  Bob has always had an affinity for getting to the truth of the matter and has made a name for himself with his coverage of the Hayat terror trials, the massive fish kill in Isleton, and the possibility of the Sacramento Kings' move to Anaheim.  He is also known for his dry humor and ability to find the element in a story that others overlook. 

Bob is also an avid sports fan who has written numerous articles for local and regional papers, while also working as a baseball, football, basketball, and boxing announcer.

He met his future bride while they were both in Ms. Duncan's sixth grade class.  Twenty years later, they were married.  Bob and Joan have a step-daughter, daughter and a son on the way.