Council to Take Up Short-Term Tent City Fixes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 23, 2009

The measures include funding to lease housing and increase shelter space, and would create around 150 new beds.  Some of those beds would be available for just the next few months; others for at least a year.  But the proposal does not include a permanent camp-site for current “tent city” residents.  Many of those residents say shelters don’t give them enough personal freedom.
Speaking on Capital Public Radio’s Insight, Greg Bunker with Francis House says he and other homeless advocates want what he calls “tent villages.”
Bunker: “No concentration the size of what exists right now, but smaller areas that are high tolerance areas that wouldn’t affect anyone negatively that are scattered around.” 
Mayor Kevin Johnson has floated the idea of a permanent tent city, but the city manager’s office has been lukewarm about it at best.
The measures up for a vote Tuesday afternoon will cost nearly $900,000 in housing and redevelopment funds.  If approved, the owners of the current tent city land could start fencing off the property within the next few weeks.