Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Budget But Not Without Line Item Veto

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 20, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger signed the state budget today (Friday 2.10) but not until after he used his line-item veto to cut an additional billion dollars in spending.
He’s made deep cuts for the offices of some constitutional officers with the Lieutenant Governor taking the biggest hit.

The long budget battle is over as Governor Schwarzenegger signed the package, but not until he slashed more than a billion dollars for some top state offices with the stroke of a pen.   The attorney general…state controller…treasurer and the board of equalization will see a ten-percent cut.
But, it’s the Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi’s office that’s seeing his budget slashed by nearly two-thirds… 
“As for me…of course I’ll handle it…and its going to be tough on some of my staff because they’re going to get laid off too.  We have an office of 20 to 21 people…so we’re going to layoff a lot of people…”
Garamendi…who may run as a democratic candidate for governor next year…has sharply criticized the state budgeting process and Governor Schwarzenegger’s leadership.  Meanwhile, Budget Officials now say the federal stimulus package signed by President Obama will help the state to borrow less money to over the next year and half.