Commentary: Grant's Gridiron Mismatch

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 2, 2009

89 to zero. Let me repeat that. 89 to zero. That was the score by which the Grant High School Pacers beat the C.K McClatchy Lions this past season. It was not really a game. It was a slaughter, humiliating for the losers and painful for the fans.

But this kind of lopsided scoring has become a weekly event for the Pacers. Ever since the team was moved from Division I to Division II, Grant has been forced to play teams that don't deserve to be on the same field.

Just check out Grant's regular Metro League scores from this past season. Grant beat Sacramento High 55 to 0, Kennedy, 61 to 0; Rosemont 58 to 9; Hiram Johnson 62 to 6. The only team that offered Grant even a whiff of competition was Burbank. And that score - 35 to13 - wasn't really close.

I think Grant should be moved back to Division I so it can play stronger teams, like the Nevada Union Miners from Grass Valley or the Thundering Herd of Elk Grove.

Prep sport experts tell me that's not the answer. OK - then suggest something else. Just don't make Grant play McClatchy again. Who wants to watch an 89 to 0 rout? Players and fans deserve better.


Ginger Rutland writes for The Sacramento Bee Opinion pages.