Governor, Democrats Continue Negotiations

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Democratic legislative leaders emerged from meetings with Governor Schwarzenegger to say—they’ll meet again on Friday.   Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg says there are a number of issues to work out.

“The economic stimulus issues, as well as some of the cut and revenue issues. But again the tone is very positive.”

But Governor Schwarzenegger took to the road again to criticize lawmakers for their inaction on a plan to address the state’s 40-billion dollar plus budget shortfall. However he tempered his comments a bit in light of the current negotiations. 

 “For weeks the legislators they have been posturing and playing political games.  And I think it’s irresponsible for them. Even though I have to say that right now we are in the middle of negotiations and the negotiations are going well, but it has been really irresponsible up until now.”

Schwarzenegger spoke near the site of some levee work in Sacramento.  Over the last few days he’s been highlighting public works projects around the state that will grind to a halt because of California’s fiscal woes.  Republican lawmakers have not been part of the negotiations this week.

Schwarzenegger and Democratic leaders are discussing a plan that would only require a majority vote and would not need Republican support.  G.O.P. lawmakers say raising taxes without their votes is illegal. They along with taxpayer groups have threatened to sue. Democratic leaders say they’re confident they can reach some kind of deal with the Governor by the end of the year.