Capitol Hill Lawmakers React To Prop 8

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Republican Congressman Dan Lungren says Prop 8 won because its supporters were good at anticipating and responding to the other side. “That was a magnificent campaign waged by those in charge of the campaign. The best I’ve ever seen.” A similar campaign was waged eight years ago…… Californians rejected same-sex marriage in 2000 with almost 62% of the vote. Two weeks ago, the ban passed with 52% after a hard-fought and expensive campaign. And Lungren says the margin would have been higher if the California Supreme Court hadn’t overturned the 2000 proposition. “Four members of the California Supreme Court – four judges – another way of saying it is, four attorneys in robes – decided that they would overturn the decision of 4 million Californians.” Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein campaigned against the initiative. “I’m very sorry it passed. I opposed it, I did television spots for it.” She says California’s Constitution allows for same-sex marriage. “That was the first time in history that a right provided by the Constitution has been taken away from anybody.” Feinstein says this isn’t the end – and she’s right. The State Supreme Court has agreed to hear legal challenges to the ban. California’s representatives in Washington will be watching.From Capitol News Connection, I'm Tanya Snyder, KXJZ News