Praise For Clinton From Local Delegates

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(Denver, CO)
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The convention arena in Denver was so packed for Clinton’s appearance that fire marshals barred the door and kept out many delegates and journalists. Inside, delegate and Hillary booster Mona Pasquil of Sacramento Valley heard what she needed. 

PASQUIL: "You know what, family is family. And we can have our disagreements but we all come together."

Moments later, the crowd that spilled out included delegate and former California governor Gray Davis. 

DAVIS: "She knew America had given her a chance… the verdict was, ‘not this time’ … and she knew her duty was to make sure Barack Obama got there in her place and she was phenomenal."

There are some die-hard Clinton supporters who are still holding back their support. Clinton is set to release her delegates to Obama today.