Local Elections Officials Raise Concerns Over Delayed Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 18, 2008

Lawmakers can waive elections codes to give them more time to place things on the ballot. But local elections officials are staring at a hard deadline. They must start sending out ballots to military and overseas voters by September 5th.  Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Jill LaVine says if new measures come late in the process—that could mean two separate ballots.  She says that raises lots of questions. 

 “Would we go ahead and just print what we had and if they added something  make it a second election that day? And how confusing would that be to our military, our voters, you know do we have enough envelopes, I mean all these things are just like where do we even begin?
LaVine says additional printing will lead to more costs. 

A budget vote in the state Assembly this past weekend was not successful.