Speed Limit For Boaters Reduced On Folsom Lake

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 21, 2008

If you’re planning to take your boat out to Folsom Lake you’ll have to driver slower than usual on the water starting tomorrow (Tuesday 7.22). 


That’s because--the heat wave is making for hazardous conditions on the water.


Acting Superintendent at Folsom Lake, Dan Tynan says water levels are so low that logs and rocks on the lake bottom are making it too dangerous to water ski or wake board. 


Tynan says water levels are nearly 400-feet and dropping fast…and that means you’ll have to keep it under five miles-per-hour…


“We’re around 400.5 right now and by tomorrow we should be below the 400 mark.  And, once that happens we have a lot of objects that come up in the lake that boats run into.  We can’t mark all of them, so it’s a public safety issue…”


Tynan says people won’t be able to speed up until the water rises to a safe level again…probably not until next spring. 


Boaters caught going over five miles per hour face fines starting at 300-dollars.