No Pay Cut for Lawmakers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Members of the California Citizens Compensation Commission opted to freeze lawmakers’ and elected officials’ six figure salaries for the next year.  They rejected a proposal to reduce their pay by ten percent.  That’s despite a plea made by Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado. 

“Should the legislature take more money out of the general fund while we are faced with a seventeen billion dollar deficit? I think the answer is no and I hope the majority of body agrees with me…” 

But Commissioner Thomas Dominguez says a pay cut smacks of assessing job performance and that’s not his role.  

 “That’s the job of the voter. They’re the ones who did the hiring of these people.”

State legislators make just over 116-thousand dollars a year. Legislative leaders make anywhere from eight to seventeen thousand dollars more.