New Poll: Californians Don't Like Governor's Lottery Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 22, 2008
The survey by the Public Policy Institute of California finds roughly six in ten people oppose using future state lottery revenues to help balance the budget. The lottery proposal is the centerpiece of the Governor’s plan to fill a 15 billion dollar shortfall. He told reporters he thinks Californians will come around: “I think that the people of California if you ask them, they don’t know yet that we don’t take any risks, it is not borrowing and it will help us with our budget.” The poll also found more than 50 percent of residents are willing to support a temporary increase in the sales tax if the lottery plan fails. That’s also part of Schwarzenegger’s proposal. In addition, the survey found Californians are most concerned about spending reductions for education. Sixty percent of those surveyed say schools are the number one area that should be spared from cuts. Health and human services is a distant second at 17 percent.