"Toxic Toddler Toy" Bill To Be Debated

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, April 11, 2008
Democratic Senator Carole Migden’s bill targets three chemicals. First, phthalates. The plastic-softeners have been linked with cancer and are already banned in the state for most baby products. Her bill would expand that to include personal care items like baby powders. Second, the bill bans the use of lead from toys or child care articles intended for children under twelve. And finally, it also bans bisphenol A – used in hard plastics - from items for children under three. Migden says this is a critical health issue: “We have to take action now before generations are poisoned or exposed to toxins with no explanation and no scientific safeguards.” There’s strong opposition to Migden’s proposed ban of bisphenol-A from manufacturers and industry groups. They claim the chemical has been widely tested and is recognized as safe.