Caltrans Urging I-5 Commuters To Plan Ahead

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 7, 2008

Construction is still more than a month away. May 30th is the start date. But during a public workshop on the project in Downtown Sacramento yesterday, Mark Dinger with Caltrans told the 30 or so people in attendance to plan ahead. 

"If nobody changed their travel plans we’re in for a big problem." 

Caltrans will be closing I-5 one direction at a time between the Downtown Interchange and Richards Boulevard. They’ll have detours available through city surface streets and that has midtown resident Peter Galli worried.   

"I live on H Street. I’m wondering as J Street gets backed up, if it’s going to be overflowing through those slow neighborhoods."   

State worker Marie Caron-Lyles commutes from her home in Solano County to Downtown Sacramento in a van pool with 14 other people. 

"We usually breeze through. I don’t see that happening now. However, knowing what we do we can plan for it." 

The $37 million project is expected to take about 40 days as work crews replace cracked pavement and plugged drainage…and install video cameras.