Fuel-Cell Vehicles Showcased Saturday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 28, 2008

Fuel-cell vehicles use hydrogen to create electricity and power the motor. Chris White is with the Partnership. She says they’ll have lots of different cars to choose from. 

"I love them all so I think everybody is going to see one vehicle that they like for one reason or another. The vehicles are not identical. They come from nine different auto companies. They’re small sub-compacts, they’re SUVs, they’re mini-vans." 

…and they’re all prototypes….which means they’re not commercially available yet. White says they expect a few hundred people to attend Saturday's open-house…which will also include tours of the Fuel Cell Partnership facility. It’s located on Industrial Boulevard, just off of Harbor Boulevard. 

The partnership is a collaboration of more than 30 industry and government members working together to commercialize fuel cell vehicle technology.