Sacramento Zoo Gets Accreditation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 13, 2008

The AZA accredits zoos across the country. Inspectors check safety, animal care, and the zoo’s financial stability.

Zoo Director Mary Healy says the only thing they got low marks on is the giraffe exhibit – an old drafty, wooden barn. Healy says a new exhibit is already in the works. 

"The inspection team also agreed is something we really need to focus on is a brand new barn for our giraffes. The exhibit itself will be changed. We’ll add an elevated deck so our guests will be able to see these giraffes eye to eye."

Right now the zoo has three female giraffes. But Healy says a new, larger barn will allow them to add a male giraffe and start a breeding program.

Healy says they hope to break ground on the $1.5 million giraffe exhibit next January.