Johnson Has Well-Connected Campaign Team

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 10, 2008

These names might not mean too much to the average voter.  But they’ve been behind some pretty big issues and candidates over the years.
Take Johnson campaign manager Erin Lehane, for instance.  She’s a Democratic operative whose brother Chris was a Clinton White House veteran and spokesman for Al Gore's presidential bid.  Johnson’s lead strategist, David Townsend, is a top Democratic consultant who has an ongoing feud with Mayor Heather Fargo’s top strategist, Richie Ross.
Then, there are two top GOP lawyers listed on Johnson’s campaign documents as treasurers: Charles Bell, the general counsel to the California Republican Party. And Thomas Hiltachk, the legal counsel to Gov. Schwarzenegger.  Hiltachk also wrote a controversial initiative that Democrats feared would tip the presidential race to the Republicans.

Johnson communications director Kris Deutchman says the depth of the staff shows Johnson’s broad base of support – and that he reaches across all political parties.