Menu Legislation Makes a Return

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 21, 2008

The calorie content would be on the menu in black and white— or printed on the board over the cash registers.  That’s what legislation by Democratic Senator Alex Padilla would require of the bigger chain restaurants and fast food places.  

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the same bill last year—saying it would be a burden for some restaurants. Despite that Democratic State Senator Alex Padilla says it’s worth another try. 

 “The first thing that weighs on me is the tens of thousands of Californians who have become obese in the last year, the tens of thousands of Californians who will now suffer from diabetes and heart disease…” 

The California Restaurant Association opposed the measure last year—and says it’s disappointed the same bill has come around again.  The group says it agrees with the goal but wants alternative ways to provide the information.