Propositions 94-97: Voters Approve Gaming Deals

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Propositions 94-through-97 will allow the tribal casinos to add thousands of new slot machines. Supporters say that means more money for the state.  California Chamber of Commerce President Alan Zaremberg says that’s important in bad budget times. 

“They’re going to provide necessary resources for infrastructure for education for public safety.…”

The Propositions were actually referenda.  The four tribes had worked out new agreements with the Governor. They were ratified by the legislature.  In exchange California gets a share of the profits.  Nick DeLuca is a spokesman with the No campaign. He says these deals set a bad precedent. 

 “Which is why these are even more important, because it isn’t just about these four deals as big as they are, but potentially it is about saying here are the terms for future agreements.”

DeLuca says they don’t believe the deals will bring in as much money as promised. Supporters say they will add nine-billion dollars over the next twenty years.