Proposition 92: Community College Funding Measure Defeated

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The measure promised more stable funding to California’s Community Colleges.   Dennis Smith is a Sacramento City College Professor.  He’s also with the California Federation of Teachers.  He says he isn’t ruling out another try in the future. 

 “We think that our message has certainly been amplified by this process, it’s not been easy, perhaps in time we will come back to the public with another initiative…” 

Reed Galen is a spokesman with the No on 92 campaign.  He says the measure was flawed and did not clearly state where additional money for community colleges would come from.  He says the voters sent a clear message. 

“That they do not want additional unfunded mandates included in the state budget.”

The Legislative Analyst said the measure would have cost the state 300-million dollars more a year for the first few years of its implementation.