Business Journal: Bankruptcies, Foreclosures Up

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bankruptcy filings in Greater Sacramento more than doubled in 2007, and the accelerated pace of filings late in the year suggests an even bigger increase ahead in 2008. The 6,549 filings marked a 112 percent increase from last year. 2006 was the first full year after federal bankruptcy reforms made it harder for people to walk away from credit-card debt.

What’s driving the market for now is that people hold mortgages they can’t afford on homes they can’t sell. Now the housing slump and subprime fallout are prompting debate over more changes to bankruptcy law. Legislation pending in Congress would allow judges to write down the value of home mortgages so some debtors could keep their houses.

Meanwhile, local bankruptcy lawyers have never been busier.