Nevada Caucuses: One-and-done?

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(Carson City, NV)
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus is introducing a bill to return the state to a presidential primary election.  She says the caucuses’ restrictive time frame meant many people couldn’t participate.
That’s something Reno resident Tina Spencer agrees with.  She’s a Republican who switched her registration Saturday to caucus for Barack Obama.
Spencer:I still didn’t care for the fact that so many voters didn’t get a chance to vote.  I think yo’ure really limited on the voices that are being heard.  So my own personal exp, it was great.  But I don’t feel like it was the best judge of what ppl wanted to vote for.”
But caucus supporters say while there are problems to work out, it can be done.  They also note it’s cheaper.  Primary elections are paid for by taxpayers, while caucuses are financed by the political parties.