Iraq Resolution Taken Off County Agenda

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Supervisors voted three-to-two to take the controversial resolution off the agenda. But they did it before taking any public testimony. And that led to confusion among supervisors and county legal staff…. 

"The public’s not allowed to speak..."

"Yes they are..."

"No…the public has the right to address the governor body off agenda." 

Supervisor Roger Dickinson introduced the resolution. He said the public had a right to speak. 

"Out of decency for people who came down here in the rain, took their time, however they feel, if they want to speak let them speak." 

The board finally agreed to hear from both opponents and supporters. But the board’s decision to take the resolution off the agenda prevailed.

Supervisor Susan Peters said the Iraq War is not in the county’s jurisdiction.

Several other local governments have passed measures opposing the war, including the cities of Sacramento and Davis.