2008 Political Lookahead: The Kings Arena Saga

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One year ago, a new arena for the Sacramento Kings was in serious jeopardy.  Voters had just shot down two tax measures to build an arena near downtown.
So the National Basketball Association turned to sports business consultant John Moag.  Moag did his research and settled on the site of the California State Fair.
Sacramento State Public Policy Professor Bob Waste says an arena at Cal Expo has a lot of potential -- but it won’t be easy.
Waste: “The biggest challenge they’re gonna have is, can you have on the same site at Cal expo a major residential-commercial development and an arena.  In all likelihood, you can.  But putting those three moving parts together is gonna be pretty complicated.”
Cal Expo has hired former governor Pete Wilson to negotiate with Moag.  Those talks are expected to start up in early 2008.