Schwarzenegger Urges More Public-Private Partnerships

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Schwarzenegger is proposing the state be allowed to broadly use such partnerships for projects that could include roads, wastewater treatment plants or courthouses. Under current law, California can only do so in certain circumstances. David Crane is a special advisor to the Governor. “The goal here is to enable this option so that we know that whatever infrastructure we get, that we get it delivered quickly and with the lowest cost and the best performance.” Crane argues the private sector’s involvement can save taxpayer money. But past critics – including unions representing state engineers – have said it’s too risky. Related to the state’s public works needs, the Governor is also calling for programs aimed at adding 20-thousand engineers in California to meet an expected shortage over the next decade. That would include new apprenticeship programs at community colleges.