Campaign Ads in Reno Heat Up

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(Reno, CA)
Wednesday, December 26, 2007


By: Willie Albright
The top Democratic presidential candidates are each spending $10,000 a week on television ads the final month of the campaign -- in Reno alone.  The big spenders are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Although Clinton has the support of Nevada's Democratic establishment, a recent newspaper poll puts Obama just eight points behind.  Obama communications director Shannon Gilson says the race is getting tighter in its final days.
Gilson: “Caucus goers here aren’t yet fully engaged and we expect that, when the caucus date of January 19th gets closer, more Nevadans will be engaged in the process and we expect to see what’s happening in Iowa and New Hampshire.”
Obama hopes to close the gap by getting some Republicans to caucus for him; meanwhile, Clinton is courting Hispanics.  Polls put John Edwards a distant third in Nevada despite endorsements from several labor organizations.