Activists Want Goethe Park Renamed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Charles M. Goethe was a successful developer and banker in Sacramento who gave away millions of dollars before he died in 1966. But Goethe was also a proponent of eugenics, an early 20th century movement to breed better humans. 

"His name has become synonymous with a negative symbol." 

Austin Aslan is with the Sacramento Area Congregations Together. Earlier this year, the community group successfully campaigned to change the name of Goethe Middle School. Now they’re taking aim at the Park. 

"We think it’s very relevant for us to continue our campaign to change the name of Goethe Park as well." 

The park sits on more than 400 acres along the American River Parkway in Rancho Cordova. Community activists hope to persuade county supervisors to make a name change. A community meeting is planned for next Tuesday.