City To Update Billboard Rules

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 24, 2007

They’re sort of like giant T-V screens….like the one you see at Cal Expo while driving on the Capital City Freeway in Sacramento. Some residents think the signs are ugly and make the area look like the Las Vegas strip.

Tuesday, the Sacramento City Council will take up the issue. Jill Scofield is with the city. She says it’s been a while since they updated billboard regulations. 

"The city’s current sign code is 35 years old. The technology has changed, the laws have changed, so right now we have an opportunity to reform the existing code so it’s more consistent with today’s technology, today’s laws and today’s market."

Tuesday's meeting is the second of five city council workshops being held to update the sign code. One option is to place a ban on all new billboards with exceptions for certain locations.