Poll: Sacramento Needs Kings; Doesn't Need New Arena

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 21, 2007
Sacramento State professor Amy Liu had her students call up more than 11-hundred people across four counties, though most live in Sacramento County. 
The results were a mixed bag. 
Sixty-eight percent say it’s important to keep the Kings in Sacramento; almost as many say the Kings do not need a new arena.
But here’s where it gets a little more interesting.  See, a little under half of those surveyed think the region does need a new multi-purpose entertainment center – the kind that would host concerts, rodeos … and basketball games.
Now, all that said, there’s the question of how to pay for a new arena.  And residents still haven’t changed their minds after they sent two public finance measures down in flames at the polls last November.  Well over half say only private funds should be used; just one percent say it’s okay to exclusively build with public tax dollars.