Major Business Group Endorses Schwarzenegger Healthcare Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 17, 2007

The Board of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce voted to endorse the Governor’s healthcare plan – including the four percent fee it levies on companies.  Board Chairman David Fleming says more than 90 percent of board members voted yes:

“It’s so important we feel for everybody in the state to be covered by some kind of healthcare plan that we decided we better weigh in.”

L.A. is the first Chamber to sign off on the Governor’s fee proposal.   Schwarzenegger was optimistic about the implications for healthcare reform:

“I’m delighted about this.  I think we again are one step closer and I see the light on the end of the tunnel here.”

The Governor has called a special session of the legislature to deal with healthcare reform.  Republicans oppose the fee for businesses, so it’s likely any deal would have to be put to voters next year.