County Keeps Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 13, 2007

The county spends close to $2 million a year providing non-emergency medical services to undocumented residents. Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan says those taxpayer dollars shouldn’t be spent on citizens of other countries. 

"The needs of legal residents of Sacramento County have to be my top priority and I must weigh the impact on them." 

She says her constituents want more money spent on law enforcement and road improvements.

But Supervisor Roger Dickinson says withholding treatment from illegal immigrants could end up costing the county more. 

"We will only incur much larger costs indirectly or directly later on with people trying to get into overcrowded emergency rooms." 

Most of the board agreed with Dickinson and voted to drop the issue.

The cost-cutting plan came up as supervisors continue to hash out next year’s budget.