Deputy Kills Black Bear

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 27, 2007

The deputy was responding to a call from a homeowner who said the bear was in his kitchen. The deputy fired in self-defense when the bear charged him. Authorities say two cubs were later found near the residence. Ann Bryant is with the Bear League at Lake Tahoe.  

"The saddest part is now there’s two orphan cubs that we don’t know what their fate will be. We don’t know if the Department of Fish and Game will allow us to take them back up to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care and finish raising them and release them next winter or if they are going to euthanize them." 

Bryant says residents can avoid attracting bears by closing their doors and windows at night and not leaving any food or garbage out in the open. Authorities say they’re getting more nuisance calls about black bears. They think it’s partly because the Angora wildfire destroyed much of the bear habitat.