Gravel Mining To Start in Rancho Cordova

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 13, 2007

Crews with Granite Construction are expected to work around the clock removing up to 11 million yards of sand and gravel. That means a lot of truck traffic.

But Brad Estes with Granite says the 600 acre site – a former Aerojet test site – is relatively isolated.  

"We don’t expect residents to even know we’re there." 

Experts say the local gravel supply is running short because the primary source – riverbed deposits – are drying up. And builders need gravel to make concrete. Estes says mining this site will help keep local construction projects on schedule.  

"It’s critical to have permitted reserves that are close to the population center because otherwise the material has to be imported."

Estes says mining could begin later this year.