Bill Seeks to Reinstate Seizures of Cars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dave Tomayo has lived in the Fruitridge Manor area of Sacramento for eighteen years… He says prostitution and drug sales are rampant near the corner of Fruitridge and Stockton and often spill into his neighborhood. 

 “But every once in a while you just get mad and you park behind ‘em and you flash your lights and you let ‘em know you’re there because we can’t tolerate that sort of thing.”

The state Supreme Court recently ruled that local governments could not confiscate cars driven by the people committing such crimes. But Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones is introducing legislation to turn that around. His bill would give cities and counties the authorization they need to continue the practice. Jones says the ordinance worked in Sacramento.

“280-vehicles were seized of which 55 were forfeited, police arrested only two repeat offenders under the ordinance so we know the word got out.”

Jones’ says his measure, which is coming late in the legislative session, must still be assigned to a committee.