Republican Says He Was Punished With Bad Office

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 14, 2007

Republican lawmakers crowded into the small inner office that will be shared by G-O-P Assemblyman Todd Spitzer and his Chief of Staff.  It was a show of support for Spitzer who says he was moved to the smallest office for his outspoken manner over public safety issues.  Spitzer says it has to do with differences he has on the subject with Democratic Assembly Leader Fabian Nunez. 
    “I think he did it for purely punitive reasons and that I feel will   backfire on him…”

 “This is the kind of thing they care about, square footage and perks."

That’s Nunez’s Spokesman Steve Maviglio who says there is no ill will. He says the move was made to accommodate another lawmaker who has more staff.  He called the matter quote “silly”.