Railyards Project May Get State Bond Money

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Railyards Project would turn the 240-acre Union Pacific railyard site into a vibrant urban entertainment center with housing and retail. Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo told members of the Assembly’s Committee on Housing and Community Development it’s the kind of project that should be funded with the housing bond that passed last year.  

“We have so much infrastructure to provide – from storm drainage and roads to sewer and water – there just isn’t anything there – this is why these programs are just so important to this project.  If it gets it started, we can keep it rolling, but we need a jump start here.” 

Lawmakers are trying to come up with criteria to determine which types of projects they should spend the bond money on. Fargo says Sacramento hasn’t asked for any specific amount of money –but she is hopeful and says the city is a perfect candidate for the money.