Governor's Plan for New Dams Shot Down

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Democrats killed the plan to put a new bond before voters in 2008—a nearly six billion dollar package that included funding for two new dams.  Democratic State Senator Sheila Kuehl called it an inflexible plan.

  “It says let’s build some more stuff out of concrete that stays in one place, costs a whole bunch of money and is the one way we’re going to try to solve this problem…”

The bill’s author Republican Senator Dave Cogdill argues existing reservoirs have already saved the state from drought.

 “Not because we’ve conserved our way out of it, or because we’ve been effective enough in the use of groundwater or recycling or all the other things that are important that this bill supports but because we have water in the reservoirs.”

In a statement the Governor called water planning a difficult process but said above ground storage will be a central part of California’s future… Senator Cogdill says he’ll continue the effort in the legislature but an initiative is possible.