Metro Chamber Lobby's For Federal Support

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 23, 2007

As in previous years, the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s Capitol-to-Capitol trip is dominated by one issue:

"Flood is still our number one priority."

John Lambeth heads Cap-to-Cap’s flood protection team. He says members want $172 million in federal appropriations to pay for several critical projects.  

"We really want to get the Folsom improvements done as well as money for the levee fixes along the Sacramento (River) as well as up in Natomas."

And as in year’s past, transportation funding is another high priority.

What makes this trip different is that delegation members, like Oleg Kaganovich, will also be lobbying for a $5 million federal grant called “WIRED” to develop jobs in the clean energy technology industry.

"We have an immense potential to be one of the clean tech capitals in the country if not the planet if we execute on our plan in the right way and if the region does come together to support this." 

City officials say the WIRED grant will help Sacramento add 25 clean energy companies and 1,000 jobs within the next 3 years.The federal government is only awarding 13 WIRED grants to regions across the country.