Bill To Require Labels For Cloned Food Passes Committee

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Her bill passed its first committee test today Wednesday
The measure by Democratic State Senator Carole Migden would require milk and meat products from cloned animals or their offspring to be clearly labeled.  She has doubts about a draft report from the Food and Drug Administration indicating such products are ok to eat:

“The FDA says it’s safe safe safe – they said the same thing about vioxx, thalydimide, vioxx, other things, terrible tragedies.”

Migden says the products could be on store shelves within a year or two – and consumers should be aware of what they’re buying.  But Noelle Cremers with the California Farm Bureau says mandatory labeling is the wrong approach:

“It creates unnecessary fear in the consumers mind until the industry has an opportunity to educate why we want to use this technology and the value of the technology.”

Opponents also point out the cost of the new labels could be significant.
 Bill number:  SB 63