NBA Representative Back In Town For More Arena Talks

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, April 2, 2007

John Moag, who works directly for NBA Commissioner David Stern, was in Sacramento about ten days ago, talking to, among other people, city councilmember Rob Fong and former Republican Congressman Doug Ose.
Ose says he’s spoken to Moag three times in the past 6 weeks and had what he would describe only as “frank” and “educational” discussions about a Kings arena.  He described Moag as doing a lot of work to find a way to keep the Kings in Sacramento.
Moag also spoke to Councilmember Fong, who says the NBA representative is still quote “scratching his head” about a way to build a new arena in the city.
A source close to the failed arena campaign says Moag was also talking to people who own large amounts of land in the Natomas area, where the current arena is located.