Local Elections Officials Gear Up for 2008

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 15, 2007

At the bill signing ceremony in Sacramento Governor Schwarzenegger said just the talk of moving up the Presidential primary resulted in candidates showing up early to campaign. 

 “Moving our presidential primary means California will have the influence it deserves when it comes to choosing California’s next presidential candidate…”

For local registrars, it means three elections next year. 

 “It’s going to be very limited vacations and mandatory overtime to the point  where workers are going to complain.” 
Steven Weir is President of the California Association of Clerks and Elections Officials.  He says it could be tough finding enough poll workers for both the February and the statewide June primaries.  He says the cost to local governments is also a consideration. However, Governor Schwarzenegger said counties will be reimbursed—  cost estimates are between 60- and 90-million dollars.