Group Fixes Bikes For Homeless

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Free bike lights, helmets and safety checks for the homeless come courtesy of a group that didn’t even exist a few months ago.  Bicyclist Laura Rubalcaba came up with the idea for Bike Safe Sacramento after a homeless man told her he didn’t like riding in the city. 

"He complained that the police in Sacramento ticket them for not having lights and I thought wow okay."

Her wow moment turned into a grant proposal that earned her 52-hundred dollars from Methodist Hospital.  She used some of the money for this bike clinic at Loaves and Fishes in downtown Sacramento.  Bill Lyons stood at the front of the line.  His bike had broken breaks and no lights. 

"It’s dangerous, it’s scary. I actually, when I’m riding at night, I do something illegal and ride against traffic and that way I can see what’s coming at me because they can’t see me."

With the help of volunteers, Bike Safe Sacramento fixed Lyon’s bike and more than 100 others.  Rubalcaba now plans to hold a clinic every few months.