Ford Survived Two Assassination Attempts in California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ford was sworn in – the nation’s only un-elected President – in August of 1974….and it was just over a year later that he survived two attempts on his life in California.  The first happened in September of 1975 as Ford was walking from a nearby hotel to the Capitol for a meeting with Governor Jerry Brown.  A follower of Charles Manson, Lynette “squeaky” Fromme aimed a gun at the President…but it didn’t go off. 

Just about two weeks later, Ford was in San Francisco, when political activist Sara Jane Moore fired at him. A bystander deflected the shot by grabbing Moore’s arm.  Ford was again unhurt.  Both women are serving life prison sentences.   In a statement following Ford’s death Tuesday, Governor Schwarzenegger said the former President’s leadership was marked by his selflessness.