God's Eye View

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(Reno, NV)
Thursday, December 21, 2006

Imagine if you could see a fifty mile wide patch of California from Monterey Bay to Lake Tahoe in a single gaze, and the view included all the scientific data ever collected on the region, including stream flows, wildlife populations and geology.   That’s exactly what UC Davis computer scientist Michael Gertz is setting out to do.
You have so much data located all over the place … right now, the biggest challenge is actually using the data … that’s where scientific data management really comes in to help scientists to get the data they need at the right point in time.
This “God’s Eye View” of the region will allow scientists to better understand the environment and how air, water, land and living creatures all interconnect. They hope this will give researchers insight into the impact climate change will have on the state -- for instance, precipitation patterns, snowfall and droughts. The project recently received about two-million dollars in federal funding. An experimental model of the system may be running by next summer.

Brian Bahouth KXJZ News.