Californians in the Middle in Health Ranking

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 14, 2006

The report released by the United Health Foundation shows California ranks 23rd out of the fifty states when it comes to the health of its citizens.  It found among California’s low points is the high rate of uninsured, which the report puts at more than 19-percent.  Other challenges include low childhood immunization rates and a high incidence of infectious disease.  But Kristine Yahn with Californians for Patient Care says dealing with one issue could lead to improved scores in other areas.

“It seems that addressing the high rate of uninsurance would give us some side benefits like having people better able to access preventive care including immunizations.”
This week the State Senate’s top Democrat rolled out a plan for covering about two-thirds of the state’s uninsured population.  It was quickly criticized by those who are not in favor of mandating that business pay for coverage.  Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to unveil his plan in his State of the State address next month.