Real Time Cameras At Busy Intersections

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sacramento County Transportation engineers have been using real time traffic cameras to monitor conditions for a while now. Today is the first time the public can see. 

"We’ve had this for some time. We’ve just had some technology issues and expense issues to try to get this out to the public." 

Tom Zlotkowski – director of the county’s Transportation Department – says now you can go to their website and check traffic conditions at half-a-dozen sights including Watt and Fair Oaks and Sunrise and Madison.

"They can pull that up and they can have a pretty good idea what the backups are going to be like on a given day so they can either leave early or any number of ways that they try to deal with their commute."

The Intelligent Transportation System, which costs around $7 million, also allows transportation staff to monitor various sights and respond to accidents by changing traffic signal timing